Hot weather - help!

July 13, 2022

A huge number of calls these past few evenings regarding birds struggling in the heat over recent days. As always, access to clean water is as important to our wild birds and animals, just as it is for us and indeed our own pets.

There is an added problem for the migratory birds such as swifts/swallows/house martins, as the mud which 'sticks' their nests to the walls of our houses and outbuildings, is in grave danger or drying out prematurely, which the result that the nest comes crashing to the ground.

You may also find other birds struggling in the heat; if you find a bird which has collapsed, it can often be revived using a sugar-water solution (half a teaspoon of sugar dissolved in a mug of water - to get the correct consistency). Depending on the type/size of bird, it may open its beak for your to drop the water in, or you may need to dip the birds beak into the liquid, or (if a small bird) run the liquid along the crack of it's beak, whereupon it should get a taste and open its beak for some more.

Keep the bird confined and on a towel while it recovers from the heat - don't forget the air holes in the box, and keep the box in the shade.

If feeding the wild birds with dried mealworms - please remember to soak them for 30 minutes first; otherwise the parents may feed them to their young and leave them severely dehydrated as the nestlings cannot get out for a drink themselves.

Many thanks for caring.



Wild Bird Advice and information

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One of the main causes of bird injuries (especially young birds in the summer months), is being attacked by both pet and feral cats. A simple way to combat thi

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