Hurrah Barn Owl Success

September 22, 2019

This photo shows what we are all about at Three Owls. I am so very excited!!

A late brood of barn Owls almost ready to go. If you look carefully there is a third chick hiding on the right. Mum is in the center -or is it Dad? Lets hope for a good autumn for them. This nest is a few hundred yards from our Meadow reserve. I designed it specially for the favourite owl food item -field voles. looks like this paid off !!

I am so grateful to my Friend Andy Roe of Flavourfresh Salads for this photo And to Flavourfresh for making our Owl reserve possible

Hurrah hurrah ! 



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Many people would help birds more, if they knew simple easy ways in which they could help wild birds, without going to too-much extra trouble. Often there are ways to help – that don’t actually ‘cost’ anything at all, but can make a huge difference to making birds welcome and safe in the environment around us.

One of the main causes of bird injuries (especially young birds in the summer months), is being attacked by both pet and feral cats. A simple way to combat thi

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