Please remember....

April 4, 2020
As we come into the official Summer Season and our wild birds (both resident and migratory) look to raise their families once more, please bear the following in mind;


You will be breaking the law if you disturb a nesting bird; that means if it is building a nest / incubating eggs / young birds in the nest. (Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981)


Fines are substantial if you are found out, and custodial sentencing also possible.


Please check ALL bushes, shrubs and trees BEFORE any pruning/trimming, and if you find anything, then leave well alone. This also applies to work being done to your house/outbuildings.


Would everyone also please bear in mind that wildlife in general has had a very difficult time in recent months due to extreme weather, and they may choose to nest in places not previously used as their own has been destroyed. 


Enjoy your gardens by all means, but remember that wildlife rarely gets a break, and each day is one of survival.




Wild Bird Advice and information

Many people would help birds more, if they knew simple easy ways in which they could help wild birds, without going to too-much extra trouble. Often there are ways to help – that don’t actually ‘cost’ anything at all, but can make a huge difference to making birds welcome and safe in the environment around us.

One of the main causes of bird injuries (especially young birds in the summer months), is being attacked by both pet and feral cats. A simple way to combat thi

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