A busy start to the New Year

January 17, 2021

An uplifting start to the New Year this week with the (very) early arrival of the Greater Spotted woodpeckers on the Home Reserve each morning, busy drumming away to create their nesting holes for this years' breeding season. I don't think I've ever known them start so early in the year before; an early Spring....we can but hope for, as winter has been very much upon us so far this year with frosts, fog, and some snow. The herons will be laying their eggs in the next couple of weeks too - rather them than me sat up in the treetops in this weather!

I have been very humbled by some lovely messages, letters and emails received from supporters following receipt of the Newsletter, many of which have been accompanied by a very welcome donation.

Alas, I have however been saddened to hear of the passing of several supporters too, and we pass on sincere condolences to families and friends of those departed.

This week has seen some deep snow in many areas of the UK, though thankfully not long-lasting and has not impacted too harshly on the birds on the reserves. We have a further weather warning for heavy rain this week - but Mother Nature tends to be better prepared for such events that us mere humans anyway!

Many thanks to John from Rochdale for taking the photo in this report for us.

Take care, Nigel


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  • A busy start to the New Year

    An uplifting start to the New Year this week with the (very) early arrival of the Greater Spotted woodpeckers on the Hom


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