In Remembrance of Greg Townsley

March 21, 2021

With much sadness I report on the passing of a very dear friend of Three Owls; Greg Townsley. A regular visitor to our Home Reserve throughout the years, and only a couple of days since we last saw him too, makes it hit all the harder.

Our grateful thanks to his mother Lorraine for her thoughtfulness in requesting that all donations in his memory were to come to Three Owls, and a wonderful £210 has been received to date. As expected, the funeral was very well attended with friends and family from the UK and abroad.

A larger than life soul at 6'8" tall, who was taken from us all too soon, and even now I miss the doorbell ringing as he frequently came with gifts to share. Every person I have spoken to has heaped lots of support and happy memories of Greg , and continued what everyone knew; a kind thoughtful and generous in kind soul, who is already very sadly missed in all quarters.

Rest In Peace, Greg.



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One of the main causes of bird injuries (especially young birds in the summer months), is being attacked by both pet and feral cats. A simple way to combat thi

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