The 2021 Manchester to Blackpool Bike Ride by John Thorpe

June 30, 2021
Having only recently confirmed that the event is taking place on Sunday the 4th of July this year, I am a little late with my appeal and write up - for which my apologies. I am working on the basis that this information is correct, since it does state online that the event is going ahead, but obviously cannot be responsible for any changes which might occur out of the blue. I will be setting off from Manchester at 7.30am and as ever will hope that the fates are kind in terms of punctures and other unforseen problems - although taking precautions against them anyway! I'm feeling fine and touch wood, the problem I had with my left knee has subsided. Given the fact that I've twice walked round London on demonstrations in the past few weeks, without being crippled, I take it as an encouraging sign, but will be taking it easy and listening to my body along the way, as I always do.


    This has been a very weird and frustrating time for all sorts of reasons, and perhaps the last thing people need is to asked to make donations to charity, but I make no apology for asking for your understanding and generosity once again to support the work of Three Owls; which is as vital as it has ever been. Every donation will help, and you have all been so generous in the past that I know you will rise to the occasion for us this year. I will of course be producing an account of the day for your amusement and edification, and will look forward to writing this after the event.


Best wishes and thanks in advance for your continuing support.


John Thorpe


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