Eternally Grateful ....

December 27, 2021

Those were the words presented to me earlier today, when speaking for the first time to the family of two of our departed subscribers.

I had set aside the day to update with the latest donations received, both just prior to and over Christmas. There was a lovely gift received at 04.22 on Christmas morning and I mused as to whether it was after a late night out, or perhaps an early morning riser like myself.

Our late supporters' relatives introduced themselves as "the family of ..."; a lovely couple who had supported Three Owls regularly for decades, then fell on harder times towards the end of the 1990's. At that time, the newsletter was obtained through an annual subscription of £10, rising to £12 a few years later as costs to the charity rose accordingly. I can still remember their letter coming to say that they still wished to support us, but could no longer afford to do so as every penny had to count. Recognising genuine hardship I thus created a concessionary rate for those I felt circumstances dictated, and thus we were still able to correspond at least twice-yearly until the end, and as always we find other ways that people can support us than in a monetary sense.

Whilst I knew they (and others) appreciated being able to keep in touch through their own level of contributions, it was pressed home today just how much this gesture had meant, and the difference it had made to the couple's lives, has left me very humbled, as I feel Three Owls is and always has been, a team effort.

At Three Owls we do not seek recognition for our work with the birds and wildlife and everything that comes with it; nor do we expect to be rewarded for such ... we are content with the wonderful way that Nature itself rewards us in taking a scrap of feathers into our care, feeding, mending, nourishing it until it is fit to fly free again once more. Any genuine rehabilitator will be able to tell you of the special feeling when releasing something back to the Wild, which having been given the correct care and treatment, is able to regain its true wild-life once more.

Furthermore our increased work on the nature reserves provides and enhances the habitat for so many endangered birds, and also gives us secure locations to release rehabilitated wildlife onto. It to is extremely rewarding to see barren land or perhaps a horse-field, or even intensively farmed land - turned into a thriving nature reserve for numerous species to dwell within.

It's been another busy day at Three Owls with requests for assistance coming in from many different quarters. As I am typing this, another mute swan has come down in a field due to the fog in West Yorkshire; it is walking well and if it doesn't take off again shortly, should be fine overnight and will get going again at first light tomorrow.

The website continues to be very busy and people now use our "Find your Local Rescue Centre" link from numerous other information sites around the Internet.

Well, had best leave this here ... the next Newsletter will need writing in the next fortnight!



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